With us to the goal


Inflatable rafts are special designed for white water rafting (which correspond to the Eu safety standards). We use the brand rafts Grabner (max. 10 persons).
The special shape of these rafts is perfect for the rivers we have in program.

The equipment we offer gives you the best protection against the cold. Our tours are also be done  in bad weather (rain). However, you get optimal protection with our top neoprene gear.

What do I get?

  • Helmet by Hiko
  • Neoprene suite  – by Camaro
  • Neoprene jacket  – by Camaro
  • Neoprene shoes  – by Hiko
  • Life vest – by Grabner
  • Paddel by Kober
  • Raft – by Grabner
  • Guide IV/A or 3° level

What do you need to bring with you?

You just need to bring your bathing suite! We’ll provide all the equipment for you, all included in the price.
Note: everything gets wet!

Punctuality: Our flexibility also has limits, so we ask you to be in time to our meeting point, the transfer is started with other participants (bus/taxi), unfortunately we can not wait in purchase. So come slightly earlier and calcolate also the traffic account. If you are late please let us know. You can call us per telefone and we give you another time if possible.

New location at Stilves

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