Terms of Service

Tiger srl and Tigerle ASD

As of 01/01/2023

1. Registration can be done in writing, by phone or in person. It is confirmed by Tiger GmbH or Tigerle ASD by phone, e-mail or in person, and is therefore binding.
Provided the health situation due to Coronavirus Covid 19 and the ministerial regulations allow this.

Unless otherwise agreed, after booking a 50% deposit payable to the account of:

Tiger GmbH                                                          TIGERLE ASD
Cassa Rurale Wipptal                                             Cassa Rurale Wipptal
Città Nuova 9                                                         Città Nuova 9
39049 Vipiteno                                                       39049 Vipiteno
IBAN IT31D0818259110000300040835 Tiger GmbH
IBAN IT65E0818259110000300041653 Tigerle ASD
Swift RZSBIT21054

The remaining 50% are to transfer so that you have arrived at tour beginning on the said account (EU transfers have a processing time to 5 to bank working days).

2. Cancellation policy: 

later than 30 days before the tour 10%
from 29-21st day before the tour 45%
no show of the tour 100%

3. The specific services are provided in the program and the detailed information. It can also be booked by individual persons. A schedule coordination bookings with other individual person or groups is possible.

4. Each guest guarantees necessary psychological and physical conditions for the selected tour, which in the catalog, in detail specification and forth are specificated.

5. Impaired people by drugs or alcohol, are excluded from the tour. This also applies to the physically and mentally persons which are unsuitable for the exercise in rafting.

6. Each participant of the tours of Outdoorsports Tiger GmbH or Tigerle ASD is aware, that it is involved in an adventure activity and it can not offer the convenience and security of a conventional package holiday. Tours of Outdoorsports Tiger GmbH or Tigerle ASD are audited by Tour heads out. The equipment meets the latest safety standards. All tours are precisely planned and prepared. Before each tour there is given an introduction by the tour leader. The risks are many and therefore not entirely ruled out. The liability for all damages and claims for whatever legal reason against Outdoorsports Tiger GmbH or Tigerle ASD and the tour guides will be limited on negligence and willful misconduct. Outdoorsports Tiger GmbH and Tigerle ASD is not liable for damage that occurred from other activities than the booked program.

7. The guests have to follow all safety instructions given by the tour guide and participate actively on the tour.

8. The tour leader is entitled to exclude guests, who violate our terms and conditions, from the tour or cancel the tour. The tour guide reserves the right to modify, extend, cancel or restrict the tour program when unforeseen circumstances, which may endanger the safety of visitors (for example: to high water level, weather coup, inadequate skills of the participants, etc.) are geven. Outdoorsports Tiger GmbH and Tigerle ASD is entitled to withdraw in the presence of such circumstances from the contract

9. Injuries and damages are comunicate to the tour guide immediately.

10. The duration of a tour can not be predict always  exactly. Cited times are only a guideline. Outdoorsports Tiger GmbH and Tigerle ASD assumes no responsibility for compliance with this standard times.

11. In part the arrival and departure to the rafting areas are be done with private motor vehicles. These shipments are not part on our program of Outdoorsports Tiger GmbH and Tigerle ASD. We therefore accept no liability for accidents or damage caused thereby.

12. It applies Italian law. Court of jurisdiction is the District Court of Bolzano / Italy.

13. Price or program subject to change without corrections are reserved. Ineffectiveness of individual provisions: is one of the provisions of the travel  contract wholly or partly ineffective, this shall not invalidate the entire travel contract. Rather, we are entitled to replace the invalid provision with a valid provision. Exclusion of claims and limitations: All claims against us for non-conforming provision of travel you have within a month after the contractual completiontime. After the deadline, you can claim compensation if you have been prevented from meeting the deadline. All of your claims from the travel contract expire in 6 months. The period begins with the date of the end of the journey in the contract. You have made such a claim, then the inhibited limitation up to the day on which we reject the claim in writing.

14. The first points to 13th are apply for all Outdoorsports Tiger GmbH and Tigerle ASD tours  activities.

Special conditions for “Outdoorsports Tiger GmbH” and “Tigerle ASD”rafting:

15. The transport requires adequate swimming skills in the flowing waters.

16. The transportation of children under 6 years are not permitted on the sportive trip. Children who are under the age of 6 can only go on the family trip when the water level allowed it. Children between 6 and 15 years must be accompanied by a minimum of one 18 year old person, execept on a river with lower difficulty.

17. While driving, the passenger has to be to ensure that the chin strap of the helmet and the life jackets locks are closed . Each participant has to make sure that it carries the necessary equipment for the tour. The tour leader has the right to exclude the participants from the tour with incomplete equipment – if this circumstance is due to the negligence of the participant.

18. Smoking and noise while driving is prohibited.

19. For vandalism of boats and equipment the passenger is liable.

20. The passenger is obliged to help the movement of the boat and the equipment to and from the transport vehicle.

21. It is the responsibility of the passenger to apply special caution by boarding and alighting in and out of the boat and car, because expected shallows, slippery rocks, different flow conditions and a continuation moving of the boat can make injury.

“Rilancio”(decreto-legge 19 maggio 2020, Art. 25 DL n. 34) Euro 27.726 am 18.11.2020
Benef/contributo Art. 1 CO. 1DL N. 2021 Euro 22.242 am 27.04.21
Benef/contributo Art. 1 CO. 1 DL N. 2021 Euro 22.242 am 30.06.21
Covid19 Beihilfen Fixkosten Euro 14.560,34 am 02.08.21

Insurance Tiger srl:
autorizzazione rafting Tiger 2022-2026
quietanza TIGER 2022
Autorizzazione Rafting Tiger 2021
quietanza ass. 2021
autorizzazione provincia Tiger 2020
quietanza assicurazione 2020
autorizzazione provincia Tiger GmbH 2019
allegato autorizzazione 2019
autorizzazione provincia 2018 Tiger srl
quietanza assicurazione 2018
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Insurance Tigerle ASD:
certificato sport e salute
F.I.Raft affiliazione 2023
Autorizzazione rafting 2 2022-2026 Tigerle
riconoscimento coni 2022
Riconoscimento Coni 2021
Autorizzazione Rafting Tigerle ASD 2021
richiesta societa sportiva a club
Autorizzazione provincia Tigerle 2020
riconoscimento coni 2020
autorizzazione provincia Tigerle ASD 2019
allegato autorizzazione 2019
cert.riconoscimento Coni 2019
autorizzazione provincia 2018 Tigerle ASD
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