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We decided that in 2023 we are offering rafting trips for tourists under our new name Rafting Freienfeld Tigerle ASD.

As a member of the club, you are aloud to participate at rafting trip and we will provide all the equipment for you. Our rafting guides are part of the most experienced guides in Italy.

All guides have attended the apprenticeship in Italy and Austria and every two years they attend advanced training courses. We would love to provide a different white water philosophy for our new members.
If wanted we can organize a rafting training for competitors with the headcoach  team Robert Schifferle or Robert Brunner.

We partecipate in 2022 the rafitng race at Lipno and made a 6th place in Senior R6 with team captain Robert Schifferle and a  3rd place in U23.
In 2023 we have in programm to partecipate on the European Championships at Lipno as a private team
Tigerle ASD, not as the national racing team.

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Raiffeisenkasse Wipptal
Neustadt 9
39049 Sterzing

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New location at Stilves

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